Bluebell Limited Edition Engraved Blown Glass Bowl

The presence of the English Bluebell is said to indicate the site of ancient woodland, even where there are very young or even no trees today.

They bloomed late in Rosedale this year but our patience was rewarded with banks of this beautiful flower bowing their heads in the late spring sunshine.

Wearing a wreath of the flowers is meant to compel one to tell the truth, is a symbol of constancy and is said to be the origin of the bride being encouraged to wear ‘something blue’ on her wedding day.

The Bluebell Bowl is our new limited edition, celebrating the constancy of the seasons. The piece depicts an accurately scaled scene of these abundant flowers, captured on the way to Rosedale’s Dukka Bridge  – and serves as a permanent reminder of the delights of seeing the annual, joyous, brilliant festival of colour that is the English Bluebell.