Daisy Flower Bowl – Limited Edition

Wild flowers are prolific in the un-cut hedgerows that shadow the winding lanes of the dale. It’s been an especially good year for the Ox-eye Daisy, so good in fact we are just seeing the last blooms here in Rosedale.

The largest native daisy, the Ox-eye is also known as moon daisy or dog daisy and its old botanical name was Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. Its pretty open head is particularly attractive to pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.

We hope this cheerful limited edition bowl of smiling daisies brings the feeling of summer sunshine back into your home as autumn is upon us and the nights draw in.

An edition of 100 Bowls

75 of our signature bowls H11cm º15cm £250 click here to order


25 of our larger sized bowls H15cm º18cm £450 please call the studio to order 01751 417550