Forget Me Not

Our new ‘Beautiful Bowl’ is available to order here.

The Forget Me Not, or Myosotis, with a small true blue flower, has enjoyed a good season in the hedgerows of Rosedale.

This little flower has a ‘big folklore’. Many different Gods are credited with naming her and King Henry IV is recorded as calquing the German name into English in 1398.

The one constant theme in connection with this tiny beautiful bloom, across many cultures and centuries, is as an enduring symbol of faithful love, memories and remembrance.

In relatively recent times Forget Me Not’s are given in the hope that the recipient will not forget the giver.

The Forget Me Not Bowl is our new limited edition of 75 bowls and our second of 2016.

Hand blown, hand engraved glass, signed dated and numbered. H11cm ø15cm

Order one of our 75 limited edition bowls online – £250 inc P&P