Mistletoe – Limited Edition Bowl

The folklore of the European White-berried Mistletoe (Viscum album) is rich and its evergreen presence in winter trees gave it a supernatural reputation as a disease cure all, granted protection from spells, increased fertility, and created a chance to steal a kiss.

Mistletoe’s association with the Christian festival of Christmas is more coincidental than genuine. The plant has had a special place in mid-winter customs for a very long time, and its use pre-dates Christianity. Indeed, despite its use at Christmas it is still considered to be a pagan plant by the Church so it seems an odd species for close association with the major Christian festival.

In the middle ages an Archbishop of York appropriated the pagan folklore and declared that Mistletoe symbolised living in harmony and, to date, York Minster is the only church in the land that accepts Mistletoe under its roof.

In Britain most mistletoe is found growing in the south and west midlands. Many assume this to be somehow linked to apple orchards, apple being a favourite mistletoe host, however, studies show climate is the greater influence. We brought the Mistletoe for this design up from Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire.

Despite needing trees to grow, mistletoe is not generally a woodland or forest plant, instead preferring plenty of light. Favourite habitats include orchards, so we will be doing our best to try to establish some plants among our studio apple trees, though a four year germination will require patience!

Our new limited edition of 100 bowls is the fourth of 2016.
Hand blown, hand engraved glass, signed dated and numbered.