Red Clover Bowl

Red Clover Bowl

Our second limited edition of 2020 is Red Clover.

A member of the legume family this beautiful wildflower is native and abundant in Britain. Of all our designs, this sweet plant has one of the richest histories of medicinal, folklore and culinary uses.

The name clover is actually from the Anglo-Saxon ‘cloefer’, referring to the three knotted club that belonged to Hercules.

The four-leaf clover was said to enable its wearer to ward off evil and witches, to see fairies and various spirits, to heal illnesses and generally bring good fortune.

Many insects are attracted to red clover, particularly bees and butterflies; it’s commonly called ‘bee bread’ because of its importance to bumblebees as it flowers later in the season before other food sources become available.

Clovers are nutrient rich and the leaves and flowers can be added to salads or used as a garnish, while the florets can be individually plucked and sucked to taste the sweet nectar.