Rosehip Limited Edition Bowl

The Rosehip, often known as the Dog Rose, is a common shrub found in the hedgerows of the British Isles.
The hip fruits appear from late August to November they have been especially numerous and bright in and around Rosedale this year.

Why is it named the Dog Rose…?
The answer probably lies in old English, a ‘dag’ being a dagger, a warning to all of the sharp thorns of the plant.
Over time the Dag Rose has become the Dog Rose.

The glowing red Hips are a delight, as well as providing a riot of colour, they have uses ranging from itching powder, contain more vitamin C than oranges and possess lots of vitamin A, the ‘skin vitamin’.

The Rosehip Bowl is our new limited edition; it depicts these simple forms, their colour, the plants vigorous growth and defensive dags, capturing a permanent reminder of autumnal riches.