Sloe Berry Bowl

A cool purple, to celebrate these pearls of the hedgerow, the Sloe Berry is our final limited edition of 2018.

There are mile after mile of blackthorn hedges in Rosedale. This year they are laden with a spectacular harvest of sloes.

We have our fingers crossed that the old wives tale about berry-laden trees is just that, and we don’t have a long hard winter or a ‘Blackthorn Winter’ as our ancestors called it.

The folklore of this tree is especially rich, with many uses in magic, both light and dark, as well as being awash with faery folk. Blackthorn was often woven into a wreath with Mistletoe to bring luck in the coming year, and the garlands used to wassail apple trees.

This design hopes to capture the detailed essence of the Prunus spinosa, or spiny plum.

And yes, we have sloe gin waiting for us at Christmas.

We have had an amazing response to this bowl and have only a few of the larger bowl still available.