Snowdrop Limited Edition Engraved Glass Bowl

With such dainty and delicate proportions, it seems miraculous that the humble snowdrop can pierce its way through firm and frozen ground – with the purest white petals signaling the end of those harsh winter months.

Galanthus Nivalis was first recorded here in Britain during the 1590s, by botanist John Gerard in his book ‘Herball or Generall History of Plants’. Not native to UK soil, it is thought they were brought here during the early 15th century, by monks travelling from Italy, who planted them in abundance amongst the grounds of various monasteries.

These eagerly awaited flowers are often said to be a symbol of promise and regeneration, heralding the start of a brand new season and raising our spirits with the prospect of longer days and the inevitable onset of summer.

The Snowdrop Bowl is a new limited edition, encapsulating the celebration and optimism of spring. The piece depicts accurately scaled imagery of these simple flowers, gathered from land around the studio – and serves as a permanent reminder of the delights of seeing the first blooms of springtime.