Large Meadow Cranesbill Bowl



Meadow Cranesbill

Our third limited edition of 2021.

The individual flowers are delicate and short lived, but massed in the verges they make a sea of continuous blue.

Part of the Geranium family, folklore states the flower has many uses including an effective counter to love spells, and is noted for her ability to attract happiness and prosperity.

As children we knew it as the Thunder Flower, picked it was sure to thunder and pour with rain.

A high summer bloom, as we head into autumn their seeds are now set and we hope this new design brings a beautiful blue note to your home for many years to come.

An opaque blue bowl with a transparent blue lip wrap.

Made to order, hand blown, hand engraved glass, signed, dated and numbered.

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The Meadow Cranesbill - Thunder Flower

Limited editions collection

Our limited editions are a series of four engraved bowls made each year to reflect the seasonally changing flora of Rosedale. You can view all of our limited editions in the archive.