Monochrome Landscape



Monochrome Landscape H21cm ø15cm

A unique piece in Swedish overlay blown and engraved glass.

Signed and dated 2021, sand carved, wheel cut glass.

An abstracted study of the distinctive marks made by land management practices within the North York Moors.

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Glassmaking-everything piece starts life as a bubble of glass

This piece is part of the Landscape 2014 to present Collection

Our recent work has been concerned with interpreting the landscape of the North North Moors. The perfect bowl forms are distorted at the last moment of making, and pushed into soft asymmetrical curves, which echo the lie of the land.

‘The pieces reflect the changing light from vast skies falling upon complex layers of lines, shapes, colour, textures, and explores the beauty found in it’s slow construction, carved and eroded by thousands of years of land management and the harsh northern elements.’

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