London Glass Blowing – Exhibition – New Horizons

April 23, 2021

We’ve sent some pieces down to London to show with Peter Layton at London Glass Blowing, as part of the first post lockdown exhibition, ‘New Horizons’.

Many thanks to Peter for asking us, and for the invite to take part in a Zoom talk with Layne Rowe.

Really enjoyed the evening and conversation. Always good to talk with fellow glassmakers.

Heres a link if you’d like to see and listen to the event.

Access Passcode: qs4$xZFi





April 22, 2021

That moment when… the coloured lip wrap touches what will be the rim of the bowl before trailing around the opening.

It’s a beautiful day in Rosedale, the sun is shining, there’s no wind and the boys are making cornflower blue bowls.

Spring is in the Air

April 16, 2021

Spring is in the air the sun is shining, new colours are appearing all around and our doors are once again open to visitors.



Still Pools

April 2, 2021

The Still Pools are back.

Stephen has spent sometime making new colours in these quiet pieces.

When we open our to visitors doors on the 12th April there will be a selection of new pieces to enjoy.

These forms are not as yet on the website. Please contact us directly for more info.

H10cm ø14cm approx £85 plus £15 P&P


Look forward to seeing you.



We are nearly open

March 30, 2021

Looking forward to 12th April and to welcoming you back to Rosedale.

Our studio will resume our usual opening hours of

Monday – Saturday 10-4

Sunday 2-4

Spring is beginning to overcome winters legacy…. the daffs are out and the hawthorn is beginning to burst her buds with the first hints of green in the hedgerows.

Look forward to seeing you.

Stephen & Kate

Our first limited Edition of 2021

March 4, 2021

Winters Gold,

Our first limited edition of 2021 celebrates the skeleton seed heads of cow parsley.

Beautiful, enduring, sculptural… they remain as tall structures in the hedgerows and verges, long after their soft frothy flowers are gone.

In the final warm rays of a winters day, they catch the low sun and bask in shades of gold.

Cow parsley has large umbrellas filled with seeds, a valuable food for our native birds, and many a small child has enjoyed the dried hollow stems as a pea shooter.

We are on the cusp of spring, and in just a few weeks the first flowers of the new season will surround these forms with new blooms. In the mean time we will take the time to enjoy the beauty of winters gold.

Made to order and available in two sizes, this bowl is a warm, transparent gold with a gold lip wrap.

New to the Website

February 24, 2021

Our classic ball vase now in French Grey. It’s a simple vase that lets the flowers be the star, easy to dress with a posey from the garden or a single bloom from the florist.

When the vase is filled with water, it’s weighty and stable as well as easy to clean.

Find both sizes in the monochrome section of our online shop.


Limited Edition 2021 – Winters Gold

February 17, 2021

Our first design, Winters Gold,  is almost ready to present. We are looking late next week all being well.

It’s a study of the seed heads of the Cow Parsley, in low winter sunshine.

It’s a delicate intricate design, which I hope captures the architectural nature of the frames left behind after the fluffy summer flowers are long gone.

Please join our mailing list if you’d like to be the first to see the new bowl.


Out Walking in Rosedale

February 12, 2021

So today, I went out to enjoy the powdery snow and icicles. Had to wait sometime for the snow to stop falling and the light to return…. but it was worth it.

Love Dukka Bridge and not seen icicles like this for a good 10 years, it was a cool -12 last night and it’s been pretty chilly for quite sometime…. due to start warming up soon.

Really enjoyed this bit of winter.


Apple Trees

January 25, 2021

Our doors are closed to visitors, and work continues as we plan the year ahead, as well as taking time to enjoy Rosedale and spend time pruning the apple trees.

It’s a big job… 6 done and 3 to go.