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design-nation-2.jpgLondon Feb 08

London / Design Nation

February 29, 2008

Been in London for a few days, showing work at a press event with Design Nation.
First time at such an event run by Attenborough Saffron.
Much beautiful work by other makers from the collective. Design Nation is a great way to find all kinds of great stuff for the home desiged and made by British Makers.

The AvenueCold Tree

And still Mighty Cold.. minus 8

February 20, 2008

I realise that this blog is in danger of becoming a ‘weather’ blog but – once the freezing fog lifted the frost was amazingly thick. Really beautiful but breathtakingly cold ( literally )

Elle Dec

Elle Dec

Found a small bowl in the pages of this months Elle Decoration

11am ! Still V V Cold

Mighty Cold

February 18, 2008

11am and still frosty in the shade, but very beautiful ! Parts of the moors still covered in white frost and studio visitors reporting snow still lying about on the top.
Good glass making weather !

Sunshine DuckNew from Old

Down South

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines !

Been away for a few days in Devon and Bournemouth. Good to feel the warmth of the sun and the light, which was amazing down by the coast. I know its a picture of a duck…. but the colours flashing in the light were wonderful. And on a walk in Devon the determined new growth from the dying moss covered tree trunk was good to see.



February 3, 2008

We have had many hot glass assistants over the years, and this is an image of Christine Devalcourt , our current help …. she has been with us two years now ! She is about to move to Italy for the very best of reasons and we wish her well and are sorry to see her go !

A good, hot glass assistant is hard to find.. to any glass makers in Northern Italy … I can recommed Christine D highly !

Snow Tree

Frozen Snow

Dinner By Candleight

Dinner By Candleight

26 Hours without power, just long enough for the novelty to wear off.
Moments when the furnace feels like a third child as Steve gets up several times a night to check shes ok and feed the genny

Snow Blasted

1st Day of the Year !

Opened on Feb 1st, as usual, but unusually to blizzards, followed by a 26 hr power cut !

Kids loved it, helicopters buzzing about all over the dale trying to find the downed line, candles everywhere, cooking on the wood stove, toasting on the fire…

I do like proper weather after the gery wet winters of a London childhood , but I hope thats the last of no power for this year ! Next time, just the snow , sledging followed by easily made hot chocolate and a hot bath …. mmm nice.