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The First Snows November 08

November 27, 2008

Winter came, while there were still some leaves on the trees.



I caught Shaun on Thursday !

November 14, 2008

Opened the studio door, to find, not a visitor, but a sheep. Bit of a surprise seeing her out of context. She happily went into the orchard, before Mr Foster came down to collect her, the old fashioned way !


Rosedales Copper Beeches

November 11, 2008

Nuff said really. Came back from Fadmoor, down the bank and into the village and had to stop to marvel for a while.


New Furnace

Well, its mid November and we are inching our way towards the new furnace.

The first furnace made 14 years work possible, and we hope that the new furnace will see us through the next 14 years!

Looking forward to some serious glass making during the worst of the winter weather.

Big thanks to John ( Mark, Paul ) from Sheffield.


The Great Northern

A very good beginning at Manchester Grammar School for an event which showed the work of some very good makers. It was interesting being there after hearing a recent lecture about ‘old fashioned’ shop keeping, and the importance of an authentic shopping experience.

Kind of thought it was what we were all doing there at the show. All of us as, in that instance, small shop keepers, offering visitors and buyers and chance for a tangible experience, buying art works and goods from the people who do the creating, which by its nature offers a rich experience.

A new audience too. Most people I spoke to had not seen our beautiful bowls before and many of them took one home !

Thank you to all who made it a success, in every way.