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The Festive Season

December 30, 2008

Done a bit of this. Very nice .

Happy new year to one and all


Moonlight & Ice

December 12, 2008

Stopping to look and see

Moonlight through a frozen velux window in the studio.

and early morning ice on a car windscreen. Just beautiful.


Christmas Shows / NGC

December 10, 2008

Find two of our Aesculus in the show and our beautiful hand mand bowls in the  NGC shop

Beautifully Crafted

Opens 25 October ’08 – 22 February ’09

‘Beautifully Crafted’ is a showcase of ingenuity, exquisite workmanship, innovation and delight, that explores the way contemporary artists and designers create works that fuse cultural histories and ancient techniques with new technologies and new ways of working. This exhibition pays homage to artisan techniques, from glass making to taxidermy, lace making to marquetry, and objects that have been created with meticulous attention to ‘making’.


Winter Has Come

December 7, 2008

-8 Last night. It is very very cold.

Picture says it all. Main roads now clear but village side roads still messy.

My neighbours duck swimming through the snow to beg for some breakfast

Always wonderful the see the familiar made unfamiliar and the invisible made visible.


The Band Room / Jollie Holland

December 2, 2008

Excellent night again. Amazing voice, and great performance by Jollie despite being a band member down and not at full parr. Thanks to the Brooks again for organising the night. Did feel a little apprehensive setting off across the moors in thick ice and freezing fog… but it was well worth it the journey. The Band Room is worth a visit.


British Council / International Interactive Entrepreneur Award

December 1, 2008

British Council’s Young Creative Entreupeneur Awards… latest winner in International Interactive… was Andrei Korobeinik from Estonia.

Link in associates to all the awards.