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Sunday after the Saturday

September 23, 2009

Thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday night. I enjoyed the evening and I hope to that every one left with a catalogue.

Sunday was a day of rest and a good Sunday morning stroll. The light, the waterfall, the warmth of the sun and the colours of the river water were beautiful. Of course, it was the water and iron particles letting us see the light !

Many thanks to Ian and Cathy.

work in progress

19th September @ Ryedale Folk Museum

September 15, 2009

Ryedale Folk Museum on 19th September.

Drinks from 4-7pm

Talk and discussion about our new work from 4.30 and the new catalogue will be available.

This event is strictly RSVP due to the size of the venue. Please email

Closet and easiest car parking is at the ‘National Parks’ car park off the Lastingham road and its ¬£1 after 4pm

work in progress

Band Room RFon 1

The Band Room / Richmond Fontaine

September 12, 2009

Another great Friday night at the Band Room. Pics of the excellent Richmond Fontaine taken with my back against the far wall, just to show how small and cool this place is ! Thanks Nigel !

apples 09


September 9, 2009

Eating, juicing and baking the bumper crop. All the blossom of spring delivered its promise. Many of the varieties store well. Kept some  cookers from last autumn through till March. The plums too, have been bountiful and there is much jam in the cupboard.


Northlands Creative Glass

This is an image taken at Whaligoe steps. Just the colours as the lense saw them. Very appropriate as I had just been on my annual pilgrimage to the conference at Lybster. This year the conference theme was colour and transparency. As usual there were good speakers, good conversation, an eclectic diverse and interesting group of people, brought together by an interest in the material that is glass. Northlands is a long way, but everytime I make the effort I return, rejuvenated, having learned a great deal about a great many things, including myself… and with a real sense of a community.