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First Snows of 2009

December 17, 2009

Later this year, but suddenly its proper winter. Still working to finish commissions and pieces in time for the big day, this is the time of year when I am very pleased to work with hot glass. Pic to come in the morning !

Winter Opening

December 12, 2009

By appointment only until 1st March.

Please call 01751 417550 to arrange to visit.

This is our creative time of year in the hot shop. Many commissions will be completed, and time taken to develop new work  in the cool and calm of deep winter.

Many good shows already arranged for next year, very exciting opportunities to make and show new work both at the Studio, London and Sussex.

Much more news to come later.

North Dale Beck

In all the years of walking in Rosedale, I have never seen the Northdale walk so muddy. Nearly lost a small child and its wellies on more than one occasion… too far along to turn back… and the going never got any easier. The river though, in full flow was beautiful, and the light passing through water falling over the edges of the rocks was stunning and worth the effort of the walk… that and a couple of pounds of sloe berries !

BMW 2002 tii / Richard Stern

Well, shes gone to a new home. A good one,  pleased and heart broken in equal measure.

If you want to see whats happening to the orange bomb… then Mr 2002 tii( Richard Stern ) has her on his site as his current restoration project.