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Long Shadows

October 26, 2010

Took this image from the top of Chimney Bank in the early morning light.

Love the colour and clarity of the bracken in the foreground and the length of the autumnal shadows.

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft fair

Visited the show on the opening night which was very well attended. Could have spent a small fortune on much of the work. Congrats to the organisers.

Have a look at the site here

October Ice

The first real hard frost of the year. The beauty of the ice crystals on the roof was more than adequate compensation for the inconvenience of the car doors being frozen solid.

Autumn light

October 17, 2010

Just beautiful. Glad to be alive kind of day !


Beautiful autumn day and a deadly find.

Steve once said my blog was a ‘weather’ blog… think its turning into a counrty life blog at present.

Piggies & Apples

Good to find a home for all the windfalls that do not make it into the cider press !

Thank you to Simon.

Jasons Bowl

Made a bowl for Jason and the cyclists ! They cycled from one side of the country to the other to raise loads of money for their charities . Liked the finished ‘Wheels’ based design but liked the pattern of the bowl too during the process of its making.


Anais Mitchell at The Band Room Farndale

October 16, 2010

Anais was just brilliant. Really… just an amazing live performer,  brilliant distinctive voice and musician.

“Startlingly original American singer-songwriter Anais (pronounced ‘uh-nay-is’) Mitchell has truly arrived with her critically-acclaimed 5-star album Hadestown, ‘a multi-layered, sensationally good and endlessly absorbing folk opera that reworks the story of Orpheus and Eurydice as an allegorical saga set in depression-era America.”

Thanks Nigel for bringing such brilliant performers to the Band Room Farndale. Looking forward to 5th November and the next gig.

Maia at the Band Room Farndale

Again , if you’ve not been to the ‘Greatest small venue on Earth’ you still have the experience and pleasure to look forward to. It only holds 100 people so if you want to go get a shake on..

Interesting and entertaining band from Huddersfield who played many instruments and had a very different sound. Look forward to listenting to the CD.

Studio Glass at York Art Gallery

Thanks to Helen at York Museums Trust who showed us their collection of early UK studio glass, including works by Pauline Solven, George Elliott and Sam Herman.

So different to studio glass today but still each piece still has a real sense of the excitement of the maker and the a strong sense of integrity within the work. Good to see and handle pieces that are only usually seen in print.