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Dug out and Open !

Winter is truly here and our winter opening hours are upon us.

We will still be working in the studio and using the winter months creatively, (best time of year to blow glass)  and we are open by appointment from 1st Dec until 1st March. Give us a call on 01751 417550 to arrange to visit and of course, the main road to Pickering in pretty much always passable, the moor roads are most often closed… safe journeys.


Dreaming of a Green Christmas

November 25, 2010

Over heard this conversation in the pub last night ! Like the white stuff myself… heavy snowfall last night.. magical.

Glassroom 2010 – Pukeberg Sweden

Stephen returned having had a great time. It was not about making finished objects, but exploring ideas in hot glass and debating the past present and future of working with hot glass.

Each team was given a theme to explore, Stephen worked with Wilke Adolfsson as part of  team of 7 makers designers and students to explore the theme of Silent Chaos.

If you have an interest in design education the Pukeberg Design School is well worth a visit.

November Light

November 13, 2010

Beautiful light over Rosedale this afternoon with a low winter sun.

GLASSROOM – Pukeberg Sweden Nov 10

November 9, 2010

Stephen is off to Sweden for a few days glass making as part if this interesting project info below. Its a heady mix of teams with designers, skilled glass makers working together experimentally.

“Glassroom is a nordic glass project. Our vision is to conform a concerted association for artists and designers and open up a joint hotshop at Pukeberg in 2011. We aim to create a non-traditional movement, which stimulates experiment and development, where craftsmanship serve as a powerful and valued tool. We want to make the glass available for both the creators and the public and strive to be the home of personal, mindblowing glass that leaves room for both reflection and evolution”

for more info see here

fredag 12 november
08-12.30 workshop 3: silent caos
Morgan Persson – studioglasblåsare
Steven Gillies – glasblåsarmästare
Julie Kausland Shirani – elev Kosta Glasskola
Anette Gulbæk – studioglasblåsare
Liselotte Henriksen – formgivare
Wilke Adolfsson – glasblåsarmästare
Lars Hellsten – formgivare/glaskonstnär

Fires & Fireworks

November 8, 2010

Our little street got together for a fire party…. wonderful fire, thanks for all who helped build it and contributed to the evening with food, wine and fireworks.

The weather was also very kind, although the frost away from the immediate circle of the fire was astonishing. The small cooking fire was enjoyed by the children later…. !

My Bubba & Mi @ The Band Room

Brilliant, just brilliant. Clear good voices and honest musicianship, up close and personal, its what the band room does best !