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Flower Bomb

April 26, 2011

Like the flower Bomb with the chaotic orange flowers.

Collect / Work in Progress

April 22, 2011

Still working on the pieces to finish for Collect. Deadlines !

Our Rosedale

April 18, 2011

A new web site has been launched which shows all Rosedale has to offer. If you are planning to visit the studio have a look here to learn where to stay, eat, drink what else Rosedale has to offer besides some of the most beautiful blown glass you will ever see !

Find all you need to know here

Amazing April

Hoping it stays amazing and this years plum blossom stays put. Late frosts last year meant very few autumn fruits.

British Glass Federation Auction 9th April

April 7, 2011

We have donated a cameo bowl to help raise funds for Broadfield House Glass Museum. The Museum purchased one of our bowls for their Cameo collection last year. This place is a treasure trove of glass and glass making history and is a must see for all interested in the subject.

On Saturday 9th April the Three Centuries of Glass sale will include approximately 30 lots to be auctioned to raise funds for the British Glass Foundation. The British Glass Foundation launched in November 2010 aims to secure the future of the Broadfield House glass collections and archives.

The directors of Fieldings, Will Farmer and Nick Davies are pleased to forfeit their sellers premium to help the newly formed charity raise funds. There has been a great wave of leading UK contemporary glass artists coming forward to support the BGF. Many glass items have been donated by artists from the USA, Dubai, Scotland and the UK, all working towards creating a worthy home for the glass jewels of the Dudley Borough.

Anyone wishing to participate in the auction can view the items before auction day on preview days Thursday 7th April and Friday 8th April and by visiting their website

A Passion for Glass / National Museums Scotland

April 6, 2011

National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh
Dan Klein and Alan J Poole generously donated their collection to National Museums Scotland after the sad and sudden death of Dan Klein in 2009. Dan is fondly remembered as a world authority on contemporary glass. Our Patriotic Ubiquitous Bowl will be on show with a selection of the collection as part of A Passion for Glass, which will run from 20 May-11 September  2011. For more info, click on the link at the top.

SOFA New York

Internationally recognised for its outstanding cutting-edge contemporary decorative arts and design, the 14th International Sculpture Objects &
Functional Art Fair runs from Thursday 14 April, to Sunday 17 April 2011. Three of our individual pieces have travelled out to New York with our London Gallery, Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA).

Mr Gillies travelled out last year, this year, however, we are staying in Rosedale and only the glass is travelling.

Find out more here

Catch the Pigeon

Found this visitor at the back of the studio today. An exhausted homing pigeon. It is now fed and watered and awaiting news from its keeper.

Not had a pigeon in the studio for a long time, not since the day when we had ducks, swallows and a pigeon all on the same day. More recently it has been a frog, a jackdaw fledgling and a wren. Ah country ways. Just sorry the camera was not to hand when 300 sheep turned up outside the studio last week, most amusing if not a little messy, but managed to round most of them into the orchard until the farmer arrived. Love Rosedale, it truely is never dull !