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Calla Lillies in Flower Bomb

August 24, 2011

Flower Bomb Vase, always good to find new ways to display flowers in these vases. These were flowers whose stems had failed, so they were no longer suitable for the tall Root Vases, but perfect for and still beautiful in a flower bomb.

Tempted to ask for images of what you put in yours?

All Roads lead to Rosedale !

August 17, 2011

Well most of the roads cut through the beautiful spectacle with is a heather moor. Stunning colours and light on the road from Hutton to Rosedale.

Travelers Return

Two Ubiquitous Bowls Come Home !

These two have been on loan in Australia since 2002. Very pleased to welcome them home. Reminiscent of the piece we have in the Fitzwilliam permanent collection from about the same time, that piece too is all about ‘Beauty’ than function.

Rosedale Show

Its 20th August… nearly there ! Its a great annual event and a grand  day out.

Don’t take my word for it, follow the link to see the image which says it all.

Images of the Show