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Ruthin Craft Centre – At Home

November 27, 2012

Gallery Three
Ruthin Craft Centre
1st Dec – 6th January

At Home is the third in a series of exhibitions
that look at contemporary craft to enhance
and enrich the home. Beautifully turned wooden
vessels, hand thrown domestic ware and
intricately embroidered throws sit comfortably
next to brightly decorated ceramic tiles and
elegant steam-bent furniture. We’ve made 5 Christmas bowls for this show, as well as Ruthin showing a good selection of our limited batch production bowls.

The Cool Sleeve

November 16, 2012

Probably only the glass makers will get this, but this is an Allan & Anne Gott ‘Cool Sleeve’…. as you can see its seen some good use over the last couple of years. Just ordered a new one, well Christmas is coming and its good to keep the glass maker happy.
All made in Canada and well worth it when making big stuff.

Wax Wings Feeding

November 6, 2012

There was a hard frost first thing this morning, quite beautiful. The birds are now making the most of the last of the Howgate Wonders left on the tree… not that there were many apples at all this year. Opened the studio blinds this morning to see the tree chock full of the little fellas with their heads inside the apples. Just been told they are Wax Wings !