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Three’s a Collection BUT…

June 20, 2013

Nine look pretty good ! These are off down to Contemporary Applied Arts in its new location of 89 Southwark Street. SE1 0HX , which opens to the public tomorrow.

The Walpole Press Day

Spent a splendid day at Somerset House yesterday, at the invitation of The Walpole, as a Crafted Mentee 2013, and, ‘rumour had it’ the Crafted Room was the best at the Press Day by far! enjoyed the company of Out of the Dark, Method Studio, Daniel Spring, Jo Thorne Billy Lloyd and Shona Marsh.  Find details of all of us here.

Thank you to everyone who took and interest in our work.

Glorious Alliums in a Lilac Root Vase

Making root vases next week… may make some more lilac vases too!

Our First Summer Rose

June 3, 2013

And it’s a beautifully scented Gertrude Jekyll.

Method Studio… and the smallest bowl

June 2, 2013

“Arrived: beautiful free-blown @gilliesjones glass bowl for the unique @FortnumandMason blending box we are handmaking” as tweeted by Method Studio last week with this pic.

and yes… it was the smallest bowl we have EVER made !

You Curl Around Me…..

June 1, 2013

Like a Fern in the Spring ! yes I do like John Matryn and he put it so well. “You curl around me Like a fern in the spring Lie down here Let me sing the things you bring”

Many memories of old friends and good times come back. Ah,  I enjoyed todays walk in the spring sunshine seeing the wildlife and flowers in the verges.