British Glass Biennale 2010

September 5, 2010

This is a good show. Recommend a visit if you have not done so. It closes on 11th Sept and as far as I know is not touring, which is a real shame.

The scale of many of the pieces has increased as the technology has become more accessible as the skill base and knowledge of all who use kilns. Found myself sucking a lot less air this year. Usually I find a mismatch between concept and realisation with a great deal of ‘glass art’ however, this year there were many ambitious works that did work well, you could see why glass was used to convey the ‘concept’ as opposed to trying to get the concept to fit the glass. There were good craft skills evident too, though never enough blown glass for me … and as one who uses blown glass, too few ‘vessels’ for their own sake, but thats the beauty of a changing jury, different interests and personal ambitions emerge through the selection.

The catalogue forward is also an interesting read and to be recommended to all who blow glass ! ?

Congrats to all involved, I think its the best show to date.