Collect 2008

January 27, 2008

Just got back from town. It was a very good show ! Much outstanding work to feast the eyes and heart on. Not much glass, but much ceramics and Jewellery a plenty.

Also, satellite show of Philip and Monicas, Baldwin Guggisberg, just down the road towards the Tube station on Exhibition Road. Nadia and Angel at Vessel have done a great job of showing Philip and Monicas work. Well worth a look and the 200 yd walk from the front entrance of the V&A .

It was also good to see so many friendly faces from Rosedale, thank you to all who came along on the Friday !

Disappointing, that at the opening of the event, the Crafts Council did not announce the next venue for the show when it moves from the V&A for 2009. We all wait to see the next incarnation of this important event for European Applied Arts, in a ‘Post Craft’ world. The failure to announce has caused much speculation , which I hope it will be resolved quickly and no damage is done to the credability or continuity of the show.

If you are in or near London town I do recommend a look. There is a link on the blog to all the details.

Aesculus @ Contemporary AppliedĀ Arts