Contemporary Applied Arts / New Work

May 13, 2009

Five new pieces on exhibition. Five with a similar colour theme but each an individual.


caa 5

…came across a lecture by Jeremy Rifkin … he talked about us as the last of the oil people, before us it was the coal people, and before it was the grain people, each development in our civilization has been driven by a specific fuel… but… civilization as we know it now was started when a container, a vessel was created as a means to preserve, transport and trade the fuel ( grain ), so I would argue for theĀ  significance of the vessel, as still much more than ‘just’ a container.

Vessels are ubiquitous as Mark L Johnson says..” We automatically learn the meaning and logic of containment, since hundreds of times daily we interact with various types of containers – cups, boxes , clothes , rooms , our bodies etc. as bounded spaces .”

Hmmm… “bounded spaces” We are bounding spaces by continuing to make vessels. It begs a whole other set of questions.

caa 4