The Cowslip

April 6, 2020

The Cowslip – our first limited edition bowl of 2020

Flowering around Easter the cowslip is one of the best known spring wildflowers.

In Rosedale Abbey, they grow between the stones of our driveway, a nodding cluster of delicate cup shaped flowers sitting atop tall stalks, the leaves an array of delicate greens.

A nostalgic symbol of flower rich pastures, once as common as a buttercup but depleted from the 1950s due to changes in land management, the cowslip is now regaining a foothold in roadside verges.

Highly valued since ancient times for its medicinal uses, the cowslip contains an oil known as ‘primula camphor’ that has the potential for use as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Used to make wine, jam, tea and ointment, it is thought to be a good sedative and was used in the treatment of coughs and bronchitis. A tad topical… but don’t try this at home.

The folklore is rich, as is the origin of its name. In old English ‘cuslyppe’ translated to cowpat. Obviously, we prefer the more romantic adapted name, cowslip.

Our first seasonal design of 2020 is an edition of 100 bowls and is available for delivery only at present. View the bowls in our shop.

Very warmest regards from Rosedale.
Stephen and Kate