Exteme Cellists

August 24, 2008

Well, we got back from the Biennale in time to attend this event. It was a bit special.

The first performace was down by the river in Thorgill near to Meds Farm. Many people tramped across fields and down to the river to watch a performance of beautiful music both cello and voice. Just marvelous, with the wind gentley moving the leaves and the river sounds in the background we all sat in early evening sunshine and enjoyed ourselves very much in good company.

River Performance
River Performance.

The second peformance was about half a mile away , up the moors to the Crags. It was worth the climb, for the view and different views of Rosedale, the atmosphere amoungst the huge stones and the way the music moved around the landscape was just magical.

The Ascent to the 2nd Performance

The mud and the midge did mean that there was a constant connection to earth and the music did not completley carry you away. ‘Extreme midges’ was how Jeremy Dawson described it at one point. If you look at one of the photos, the musicians are playing in full flow and the audience all look like Kenny from South Park ! In the pub afterwards it was easy to see who had been at the performance on account of the many visible small red bite marks.

A serious thank you to all who made this happen it was a great event and occasion for all.

Extreme Midges / The Kenny Audience
Extreme Midges / The Kenny Audience.

On the Rocks

On the Rocks.