Garth Clark….. ! The Death of Craft

January 27, 2009

The last few days of a very busy of January are upon us…. already.

Good to be back in he hot shop, and making again. Also been up to Edinburgh and down to London, more news to follow on about these projects and opportunities later.

In the mean time, been enjoying reading the piece by Garth Clark in the latest Crafts Magazine. The Death of Craft / Art Envy…link to the web site of the ACC  Crreating a New Craft Future, USA, where you can listen to 2 different and excellent podcasts by Garth on their site.

One of the full lecture, one of the questions and answers that followed and one of a radio interview which preceded the lecture.

If the politics of craft and its cultural value interest you then, Mr Clark has managed to express much about our field that is informed, intelligent, concise , clear, powerful and relevant … thank you Garth Clark !