Inspired Landscape

May 16, 2012

This exhibition is a celebration of the 60 years since the formation of the North York Moors National Park. It’s now open and well worth a visit and runs until 17th July. The five the artists are influenced by living and working in the North York Moors: The artists are:- painters  Peter Hicks, Len Tabner and William Tillyer; photographer Joe Cornish; and ourselves.

We have made a series of seven ‘Ubiquitous Bowls’ each is a ‘Landscape Study’. The works are overlay/cameo and each surface is intricately carved with observations of this beautiful landscape.

“This group of works endeavours to reconcile the contradiction between the romantic illusion of the landscape as a natural wilderness and the obvious evidence of structured management.

Our vessels suggest the marks carved in to the earth through the labor of many hands over time, buring, clearing, carving, dividing and building. Both labour for agriculture and recreation creating the structured functional patterns from the lush grazing lands up to moorland scrub.

Our way of working with glass is about layering, both adding and removing colour.  This physical process lends itself to our interest and observations of the landscape around us, so too does our return to the bowl form as this allow the viewer  the opportunity to change their ‘perspective’ of the ‘landscape’.