Mann Singh and Jigisha Patel

April 30, 2008

Mann and Jigs came to the studio for a two week residency in 2006 as part of the British Council commission to make the prize for the winner of ‘India’s Creative Future’ ( Link , Creative Future Award )

They have both done good work in design, Jigs in textiles, including commissions for Habitat  and beautiful scarves made for the V&A shop, and Mann in designing for the Italian firm ‘driade’. Got an email today all about the Milan Fair and showing Mann’s new work in metal  ( Link to Manns Blogg ). For those who met them at the studio and who came to the lecture at Helmsley Arts Centre, I hope you find this interesting. Check our Mann’s blogg with his cool designs and the British Council Link for more info about the great project Jigisha and I were part of !