New Work / Ryedale Folk Museum

June 17, 2009

The exhibition at the Contemporary Gallery at Ryedale Folk Museum looms large. The show opens on 8th August and runs through to 11th October .

‘Vessel, bounded space’… its still a working title

The show will have a catalogue which will be presented at the end of the exhibition.

Will blog more later, but we are making new work and developing the forms and  content of our work. A thank you to the Arts Council for the funding which enables us to take the time to do so and Andrew Dalton for the invitation to show.

The jist of show is  we use the  blown glass vessel, as metaphorical containers for our thoughts, our interests, and as a way to reveal the possibilities of our shared world.

Also, really like the context. Here we are makers on a post industrial island, showing work within a museum, where 85% of the objects were made by people. Objects that were made to last, time taken, thought given, materials conserved and considered…  by necessity. Hmmmm.