Plant Life – Fen Ditton Gallery

June 22, 2020

Plantlife is the third in an annual series of exhibitions at Fen Ditton Gallery that focus on the natural world.

A developing part of the gallery programme this series foregrounds artists, makers and designers across media who draw particular inspiration from the natural world and create memorable objects and images in response.

All exhibits are for sale and a proportion of sale proceeds will go to support Plantlife’s campaign for better management of road verges. You can learn more at

Works range from a magnificent 2msq printed and stitched quilt by leading textile artist Pauline Burbidge to drawings by the sculptor Nigel Hall and black and white photographs by Lotte Attwood and Paul Hart. A new group of exquisite hand pierced and hand engraved Gingko leaf brooches by master artist-engraver Malcolm Appleby are complemented by a beautiful, hand-painted and pierced gold Daisy Necklace by Christopher Thompson Royds. Sculptor Lizzie Farey shows some of her vivid willow drawings and the art of engraving on glass is represented by a pair of Goosegrass vases from Katharine Coleman (this weed never looked so good!) and a glowing yellow Buttercup Vase by Yorkshire duo Studio Gillies Jones.

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