Priceless Antiques Roadshow

February 3, 2010

Very pleased to have Christopher Payne showing and talking about our work and contemporary glass in this context.

We have been completely delighted at the response to the broadcast and we are overwhelmingly grateful to Mr Payne for his generosity.

Sadly, if you missed it the iplayer link has now expired. A transcript of Mr Paynes words is below.

Fiona Bruce :-
But for Christopher Payne his first love was taken away so his passion has taken on a modern twist:

Christopher Payne:-
“My first love was glass, English 18 c drinking glasses and I bought a small modest collection, some with chips some without, air twist cotton twist mixed twist, I love them that was in my late teens, and then when I first went to the auction rooms in London I was fascinated by roman glass.
The ancient roman glass, I couldn’t afford it, but as a porter I used to handle it and put the sales out. I absolutely loved it was fascinating stuff  2000 year old pieces of glass.

Sadly I can’t show any of my 18c drinking glasses as they were stolen from my parents house the only thing that was stolen from the whole house was my drinking glasses.
So I suppose their broken now anyway, so for the last 10 years I’ve been trying to collect glass and I’d like to collect modern contemporary glass.

I love what is happening, especially in this country, with modern young people and this a fairly recent purchase.

This bowl here in an ancient looking shape, its got the sort of feel of ancient Persian roman glass probably of the 1st century, and this wonderful of colour and the contrast of these dark blue leaves, made by a young English couple in Rosedale abbey in Yorkshire and they make bowls of this style in different colours and I’d like to collect the whole lot.

I think they are absolutely superb What is so good about it is you’ve got this smooth tactile outside and when you look at the inside, and touch the inside, its very deep, its etched quite deep almost a mm deep so you get another sensation of touch, so you get the visual and the touch, that’s what’s so lovely about well any medium really.”

Transcript from the Broadcast.