Sacrament of Marriage

July 26, 2010

at Cartwright Hall 9 July – 5 September 2010

Sacrament of Marriage – A Union of Ideas, Cultures and the Body & Mind

Went to Cartwright Hall on Friday for the opening. Found Cartwright Hall and Lister Park to be a wonderful and beautiful place, with well displayed great art within the hall and fantastic grounds and park outside.

Exhibition details as below and pieces of ours recently purchased by Cartwright Hall are on display as part of this show.

“We are delighted to present a union of ideas in its exhibition, Sacrament of Marriage. The exhibition celebrates the theme of marriages and alliances between people, cultures, art forms and the body & mind, using contemporary and historical works of art from the rich Bradford collections.

Artists like Gillies Jones, Alnoor Mitha, Priscilla Morgan, Kalim Afzal, Nik Stanbury, Roger Barnes and Bharti Parmar show the impossibility of practising as a contemporary artist without “marrying” various sources of cultural inspiration in their work.

As much a choreographed as a curated show, the installation and interpretation explore, in collaboration with the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the “marriage” of mind and body involved in the creation of a work of art.

The concept for Sacrament of Marriage has been devised by Alchemy. It is curated by Alchemy in partnership with Bradford Galleries and Museums.