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Xavier Le Normand

May 19, 2008

Xavier came to visit last week and we had a great few days in Rosedale, enjoying his company and talking shop before he returned to Paris. Xavier is the current assistant to Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, who are the people we were apprentice to many moons ago.

The image also shows Anona who is our current assistant.

CAA Focus

April 27, 2008

Heres a pic of the 3 pieces we finished for the focus at Contemporary Applied Arts. Black, White and Clear Aesculus. I am pleased with the way, the pieces are moving, its good to be making new work again and developing ideas, forms and surfaces. Always good to see pieces well displayed, lit and in another context away from the studio to make sure they really work individually and together . I am really happy with these three and looking forward to making new pieces.