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The Crystal Makers – Stourbridge

May 31, 2014

Stephen made a pilgrimage to Stourbridge yesterday to see the glass cutter Richard Lamming and visit Broadfield House Glass Museum. The museum is a real gem.

Good to see our two pieces in the museum including a bowl specifically purchased for the cameo collection.

Fantastic black and white film below on view at the museum. There are some gems in this film which are as pertinent now for glassmakers as when the movie was made.

The film resonates particularly well with us as the first glass makers of Rosedale were Huguenots and we both studied glass making in Stourbridge, “glass making is a way of life,  It gets in your blood”.

Merrily making glass

October 11, 2012

The furnace is on and we are toasty warm and happily making glass.

Still busy testing the new glass nuggets from Glasma, which, to date going well, though quite a change after 17 years of batch.

Lots of small Christmas shows to make for as well at this time of year as well as three Black & White Landscape spheres being made for a small exhibition at the Ryedale Folk Museum.

Calla Lillies in Flower Bomb

August 24, 2011

Flower Bomb Vase, always good to find new ways to display flowers in these vases. These were flowers whose stems had failed, so they were no longer suitable for the tall Root Vases, but perfect for and still beautiful in a flower bomb.

Tempted to ask for images of what you put in yours?

Biennale Private View

The Brilliant British Glass Biennale

August 24, 2008

It is a great show. Congratulations to all involved and all who made it happen. The catalogue is the best yet. Very pleased to have seen it and I do recommend it to all with an interest in glass and art.

Biennale Private View.

Glass Routes from Wolverhampton to China

August 18, 2008

On a completely different note, we are showing an Aesculus as part of this event at Bilston Art Gallery from 22nd August -15th November.

Explore the story of contemporary glass showing the influence of Wolverhampton on glassmaking in China and around the world.
A range of beautiful glassworks will be on display. Large colourful pieces, detailed smaller works and digital projections of architectural glass will change the way you think of and experience glass. 49 international glass artists are represented in the exhibition, selected because they push the boundaries of creative production in this material.

New Aesculus June 14th- 20th July

June 24, 2008

The show opened on Saturday 14th. Thank you to everyone who visited. I am pleased with the results. Its been good to make a good body of work.