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Catkins of the Alder Tree

April 30, 2018

Our first design of 2018 is now available to order here

Our first design of 2018 is an intense golden yellow with a transparent bright green lip wrap, a small celebration of spring’s colours.

Not only do we find the catkins beautiful when covering a tree with colour long before the leaves uncurl, the Alder trees also have a special significance for glassmakers.

When we make glass, we use Alder wood for our blocks to shape and cool the molten glass as this wood is especially good at absorbing water.
Alder does not rot when wet and for that reason most of Venice is built on Alder piles.

You maybe unaware, that when visiting Rosedale you will travel along Alder Carr Lane.
A ‘Carr’ is the old name for an Alder Woods, which were thought to have mysterious, magical atmospheres.

Rosedale has an abundance of Alder trees on the banks of our two rivers.

The Alder Catkins fill the trees with colour and springs promise long before any leaves uncurl. (The pollen has long been used as a dye for clothes, even for the fairy folk)

For all of us this year spring is much later…. the Alder Catkins are particularly late to reveal their splendour and as I type Rosedale’s Alder trees are only just coming into bloom.

We hope the design of this new bowl brings a little early spring into your home.

Our new limited edition of 100 bowls is the first of 2018.

Hand blown, hand engraved glass, signed dated and numbered


Gillies Jones Pushed Landscape StudyGillies Jones Pushed Landscape Study -Detail '14Gillies Jones Raw Pushed Bowls

New ‘Pushed’ Landscape Studies

October 7, 2014

From October 20th – Nov 30th 2014

Our new bowl forms, in cameo, wheel cut and sand blasted glass have been pushed in the final stages of the blowing process distorting the rim of the bowl, creating sensual curves, evoking the gentle undulations and lie of the land in the North York Moors.

This, our first series of new ‘pushed’ bowl forms, will be smaller in scale and range from a minimum of H15cm -ø 20cm in both opaque and transparent colour combinations.

Sunshine DuckNew from Old

Down South

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines !

Been away for a few days in Devon and Bournemouth. Good to feel the warmth of the sun and the light, which was amazing down by the coast. I know its a picture of a duck…. but the colours flashing in the light were wonderful. And on a walk in Devon the determined new growth from the dying moss covered tree trunk was good to see.