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Cobalt Blue Bowl

Cobalt Blue Bowl

October 24, 2013

Following on from the previous images taken in the hot shop, the1st Stage of blowing complete, the second stage is to come, engraving the inside surface of this cobalt blue bowl.

Walpole Crafted – British Luxury

October 15, 2013

Good to hear ‘Walpole Crafted’ mentioned ‘as a way Walpole supports emerging luxury craftsmen’. Guy Slater of Walpole British Luxury on Radio 4  yesterday taking about
“Why do British luxury brands outperform other sectors in the international market? Why are earnings from UK luxury good set to double to £12 billion by 2017? Laurence Llewelyn Bowen reports on the appeal of British goods from Rolls Royce cars to high fashion handbags, from fine cloth and cashmere…”

Listen here available for the next 7 days.