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Craft Matters

January 8, 2011

Find some inspiring quotes here from Craft Champions about the value of craft and hosted by the Crafts Council.

This is taken f rom the Craft Matters web site. I particularly like what Grayson Perry had to say…. but I would !

Follow the link sand see what else the great and good have to say and how you can participate in Craft Matters by signing up to say why craft matters to you.


York & North Yorkshire Culture

October 1, 2009

Gave a presentation today to a great many suits about who we are and what we do.

Brilliant day in Scarborough and the surf was up. The sea was littered with men with boards and wet suits !

Enjoyed the day, I hope it makes some connections for the policy makers and movers about the many benefits of creative work in all respects socially , culturally and economically and how a well grounded appreciation and support for this work directly benefits the local community.

Photo Credit – Chris Read /

Craft and Essential Luxury ?

This was the title of the debate of 25th Sept 09. Run by Arts & Business , Walpole and sponsored by American Express it was at the Sackler Centre at the V&A.

A good panel. I left the room having not said enough, but probably too much as is my way. I look forward to the next developments and the Crafted initiative being run by Arts & Business. Follow the links in green if you are curious.

The language ‘Crafts’ have used to describe itself and practice for such a long time is now suddenly of relevance (  slow,  provenance,  rarity,  connoisseurship ) . It will be interesting to see if Arts & Business does manage to link these ideas with the essence of contemporary Craft and introduce what we all do to a much larger and curious audience.