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Crucible – Changing the Pot

January 13, 2020

The furnace is off as we change the crucible, ready for the year ahead making glass. The pot corrodes over time and develops holes or cracks, which can, eventually go through and create all kinds of havoc for a glassmaker. This pot has been in the furnace since summer 2017 and is ready to come out. Hope to have the furnace relit next week and have the beating heart of the building return to warm this stone building through.


The Modern Craft Market @ Heals

February 8, 2014

Heals have a selection of our opaque Beautiful Bowls on show at the moment as part of their new venture The Modern Craft Market, its on until 16th Feb and has work by many of the UK best makers available to buy.

Just search #discovercraft on twitter to see all the great making and work that’s going on.

Thanks you to Contemporary Applied Arts making this happen.

Stunning Rosedale

Stunning Rosedale

December 29, 2013

Been out walking and drawing today. It was beautiful, the snell wind has blown many a cobweb away.

Blossom 1blossom 2

Apples to come

May 13, 2009

Just beautiful. Stunning day. Hope the frost stays away. The sky on the images is as it was, no photoshop, just as the lens saw it and as we know there is a great deal if sky in Yorkshire.