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A Cool, Quiet Hotshop

August 28, 2018

The furnace is quiet and cold. It’s a situation no glassmaker enjoys, but a necessary one to ensure full maintenance of all combustion systems. As the weather becomes cooler, it’s even more of a thermal shock following the wonderful summer. We are looking forward to relighting the heart of the building and blowing glass again. Provisional dates looks to be mid October for the first gather.

If you are coming up to visit the studio, there’s always a warm welcome, tho,¬† you may need to wear an extra layer.

Summer Shut Down

July 22, 2017

If you come up to visit the studio these next few weeks, you’ll find it eerily¬†quiet and cool.

Our furnace is off for annual maintenance.

A Cold & Quiet Studio

September 13, 2012

There’s an eerie silence and cool temperature inside the studio as the beating heart of the place is cold. We’re and in the middle of a pot change and annual maintenance, now counting the days to getting her up to temperature and making again.