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Changing the Crucible

March 2, 2016

Stephen is changing the crucible. It’s showing signs of wear and tear after two and a half years work holding the melted glass.



Filmimg Secret Britain 1

Secret Britain – BBC One 15th April 9pm

April 6, 2015

Gillies Jones will be a small feature as part in this hour long BBC ONE programme, the ‘Mysterious Moors of Yorkshire’.

The film will uncover the little known story of Rosedale’s first recorded industry, the illegal and secretive French glassblowers of the moors.

The footage was shot on the hottest day of the year, 2014.

For more information on the programme have a look at the BBC page here.

The Crystal Makers – Stourbridge

May 31, 2014

Stephen made a pilgrimage to Stourbridge yesterday to see the glass cutter Richard Lamming and visit Broadfield House Glass Museum. The museum is a real gem.

Good to see our two pieces in the museum including a bowl specifically purchased for the cameo collection.

Fantastic black and white film below on view at the museum. There are some gems in this film which are as pertinent now for glassmakers as when the movie was made.

The film resonates particularly well with us as the first glass makers of Rosedale were Huguenots and we both studied glass making in Stourbridge, “glass making is a way of life,  It gets in your blood”.

FT How to Spend it arts special

FT How to Spend it arts special edition

February 15, 2014

Nice to see one of our one off pieces “Landscape Study” Green over Gold on the ‘eclectibles’ page. This is one of the new series of works exploring the beautiful landscape in which we live and work within, The North Yorks Moors National Park.

‘Our new works observe and reflect the evident structure of the landscape of the North York Moors. The pieces reflect the complex layers of lines, shapes, colour and textures found there,however, the work explores the idea that its beauty is to be found in its slow construction, carved and eroded by thousands of years of land management and the harsh northern elements.’

This place is always stunningly beautiful,  the changing light on the land is always a feast for the eyes and the soul and a constant source of inspiration for our work with glass.