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Mistletoe Bowl

November 22, 2016

Our final limited edition design of 2016, Mistletoe. A celebration of Christmas through this richly symbolic evergreen plant.

Stealing kisses beneath a bough is a relatively new tradition associated with Mistletoe. It’s folklore is, in some places dark, however, in Yorkshire it’s been a symbol of living in harmony since Mediaeval times and this element of it’s history seems worthy¬†of note and more relevant than ever.

Available to order at the end of November. Please join our emailing list for the notification.


Very Festive ! Red Sloe Berry Bowl

Very Festive! Red Sloe Berry Bowl

December 11, 2013

A specially made Sloe Berry Bowl in opaque red, looking a lot like Holly ! beginning to feel like Christmas here. Thank you for the commission Mr & Mrs Monk.

We have extended our last order date to 15th December, for delivery in time for Christmas.