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Nick Turner Visits

February 23, 2012

Film Maker & Musician (Colourmusic) , Nick Turner has been at the studio best part of the last two days, filming in preparation for the Inspired Exhibition at Danby this May.

Nice fella ! Thanks Nick.

A November Day in Whitby

November 13, 2011

Had a walk on the beach yesterday. The light was amazing, the temperature warm and the paddlers many! The sky was co clear, and so blue, just beautiful.


Studio Exhibition October – Graal Goblets

October 25, 2011

The Studio Exhibiiton opens to the public on 24th October. (PV 23rd)

‘Graal’ is the Swedish for grail and derives from the mediaeval Latin for ‘gradalis’ meaning bowl or chalice.

Developed in 1916, by the master glassmakers at Orrefors, it is still one of the most technically
challenging of all hot glass techniques.
An overlay is made, cooled, decorated with engraving and sand carving, reheated, picked up on the blowing iron and made into a goblet. We will be making these generously sized white & clear
goblets with new complex patterns.

Below images of the second stage of the process the pick up through to making.

Overlay and embryo making to come soon.

Embryos in the kiln ready for pick up

On the Blowing Iron

Heating in to smooth the textured sand engraving

Marvering the embryo

Air blown into embryo

Stem Foot & Punty added

Almost finished

Into the Lehr to cool overnight.





Friday Night Sunset

September 13, 2011

Just amazing, pleased it was warm enough to sit outside and appreciate it.