Preparing for the Solo Show

September 17, 2020

The last few pieces are being made in Swedish Overlay ready for the exhibition which open on 10th October in Danby.

Love this pic, capturing the moment just before the two bubbles touch and are pushed together.

Overlay is a challenging process, with only one way to get it right, and a thousand ways to get it wrong, the most common is air, trapped between the two layers and the process is then abandoned.

The Grey Ball Vase

September 3, 2020

The grey ball vase has returned to our shelves. Love this colour with reds, and like the black vase, it suits pretty much all other flowers.

Placing flowers in the vase is easy, either a simple bloom from the garden, a small posey or the hedgerow.


A Touch of Autumn

September 3, 2020

Sundays walk and the colour red appeared in the hedgerows, the Rowan tree was laden with fruit. The boughs heavy with berries, quite incredible.

My Mother in Laws Garden

August 23, 2020

Enids garden just keeps on giving, Clematis and Japanese Anemones are flourishing and look good gathered up into a ball vase.



August 18, 2020

I’ve been revisiting pieces from the archive in preparation our exhibition Portrait of Place this October.

The Swiddens of heather on the moor top are a strong feature of the land management of the heather moorland. Though a contentious practice, and one I really don’t enjoy living with, the marks made by burning the heather are distinctive and I do find them quite beautiful.

The overlaying of burn and growth are something that lends itself to glass beautifully. I take away layers of coloured glass, eroding the surface, to make the overlay of colour and light.

Winter Light 2017

Glassmaking – Making Pieces for ‘A Portrait of Place’

August 13, 2020

Taken some images of Stephen making glass this week, this is my current favourite.

Papering the form, preparing it to spin open and make a plate.

Confirmed – A Portrait of Place – Exhibition

August 13, 2020

It’s been confirmed, our solo show will go ahead this October. More details to follow. Join our mailing list for news.

“A Portrait of Place”
North York Moors & Rosedale in contemporary cameo glass.

“The Landscape of the North York Moors has long been an inspiration to artists.

Our exploration and ‘Portrait’ of this landscape observes the geology, rivers systems and the current land management practices which leaves specific marks. The layers of our glass and mark making map and observe the layers of human endeavour, both pre and post-industrial, the marks etched into the land, overlaid and now been reclaimed by natures hand.

Just as changing light illuminates the landscape, light is integral to our work, animating our glass, revealing layers of colours and engraving.

This landscape has evolved, has been sculpted and pressed into service and this is our snapshot in time, a celebration of the now. One certainty is, this landscape will change again as custodians of the land change along with the ideas that inform the management of the world we all share.”

Golden Hour – Chimney Bank

July 28, 2020

From the top of Chimney bank at Golden Hour. Long shadows and details of the days toil etched into the fields.

Landscape – Details

July 27, 2020

The golden colour of the cropped field and the marks made by recent haymaking stands out in its green grazed surroundings.

The dark green of the moor is beginning to flow down the dale into the once grazed fields, as the bracken takes hold.

A break in the weather took me out onto the moors with my new camera lens and I really enjoyed seeing the details.

Can you see the ‘dog leg’ in the wall in the bottom left hand of the image… most likely, many years ago when the wall was constructed, the build had to go around a large buried stone.

I look at the walls and marvel at the work it took to build them. The stones were dug from the fields, moved and every single one carefully placed to construct the lines that divide this landscape, from moor wall down to the river.

View from Chimney bank

Red Rose

July 24, 2020

This red rose is a perfect match for our vases.

The French Grey colour is not a colour we usually make, however, we will be making more soon as the neutral grey really brings out the colour of the flowers