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Glassmaking Weather

February 15, 2013

Its been a good week for weather, well for us glass makers ! This arrived on Wednesday and I am pleased to say it is rapidly melting off again, though, if you are coming over this way, Chimney Bank is still worth avoiding.

River Freezing Over !

January 17, 2013

Not something I’ve seen much of before in Rosedale. The bank is thick with icicles in places and the river is beginning to freeze over.

Minus 7 at 8am

January 16, 2013

But very, very beautiful.

Wax Wings Feeding

November 6, 2012

There was a hard frost first thing this morning, quite beautiful. The birds are now making the most of the last of the Howgate Wonders left on the tree… not that there were many apples at all this year. Opened the studio blinds this morning to see the tree chock full of the little fellas with their heads inside the apples. Just been told they are Wax Wings !


An Ice Crystal ‘Smile’

September 28, 2012

Beautiful ‘smile’ of a rainbow in the sky, which hung over us for at least 20 mins on 22nd Sept, the children were very pleased to see it.

Monday Morning Sky

January 9, 2012

Yep, another sky picture, I make no apology, the early morning light and colours were spectacular. Had to stop myself ringing all the neighbours to look, managed to control myself and just called one or two folks !