Taste Contemporary Craft – Geneva

January 30, 2014

Beautiful exhibition, great beginnings, many thanks to all involved. Enjoyed our visit.

Taste Contemporary Craft is an annual celebration of the best in international contemporary craft.

Taste will take place in the gallery at Blondeau & Cie located in a converted early 20th century factory building at 5, Rue de la Muse, Geneva, in the heart of the lively art district “Quartier des Bains”.

Taste Contemporary Craft is a curated exhibition featuring the work of twenty six international artists. Each Artist will be represented by up to five pieces of work. The exhibition will highlight new trends in craft from major international artists. It will run from Tuesday January 28 – Tuesday February 11, 2014.

Taste embraces international contemporary craft from cutting-edge design to its crossover with fine art and will include the disciplines of ceramics, glass, metal, textile and wood.

Taste is an innovative, curated exhibition championing a broad selection of craft disciplines and approaches.

Taste focuses on the high end market of contemporary craft. The limited edition and unique objects will be chosen for their high quality, beauty and expert craftmanship.