The Design of Prosperity / Simonetta Carbonaro

March 12, 2009

Last night, I visited The Arts Club, London to hear Simonetta Carbonaro the Professor of Design Management from the University of Borås in Sweden.

It was a great presentation . If you want to know more visit the conference of 2006 and listen to the speakers in event section.

The Design of Prosperity

The times in which we all live are a changing, we are the ‘Oil People’ and will have to find new solutions to our collective global and local problems. Its good to hear Simonetta’s positive vision, drawn from many years of research and work as a facilitator.

She provided a view which creates a sense of responsibility and empowerment for creative people as to how we can play a constructive role in abandoning the received wisdom and permissive and subversive ideaology of a ‘Bohemia’ ( ref Alain de Botton- Status Anxiety) and engaging with a new form of  consumerism:- excellence and quality not quantity, Simonetta argues this is the the next step on from our evidently ‘failed’ and unsustainable capitalist system.

Craft has a good healthy and very relevant future in this context and that is music to my ears and heart.