The Value of Skills…

April 26, 2013

Just sent some words to the CGS. Been asked to talk about the ‘value’ of skill and as ever I am in danger of becoming just a bit of a bore on the subject of it’s value to us as glass makers and its imperative role in the making of our work.

Good to reflect on the issue and remember the fact that the Arts Council, has to date, supported two studio events in support of skill… entitled ” Steal With your eyes”.

In 1998 Tobias Mohl and 2003 Janusz Pozniak came to Rosedale to demonstrate their skills (from the Venetian tradition) to an audience of British studio glass makers and students. Steal with your eyes, refers to the ‘old way’ of learning how to blow glass… when secrets and skills were protected… then the only way to learn was to watch and then practice.

Nowadays there are many opportunities to learn skills directly from makers from different making traditions, in one of the many centres of excellence in the USA and in the UK at Northlands Creative Glass.

Steal with your eyes… in this case by invitation !